Project One


Project:  A reflection on a Gospel passage of your choice.  The Gospel passage must tell about Jesus interacting with others. It cannot be a parable.


Due Date:  To Be Determined


Grading:  Worth 100 points


Content and Point Value:


1.  Type the Gospel passage (10 points)


2.  Select a central person Jesus helps and state how you think Jesus sees that person. (10 points)


3. Tell what Jesus does for this person. (10 points)


4. Relate how you imagine that person's life has changed because of Jesus's action.  (10 points)


5.  Tell how you think this person feels about Jesus for his action to them.  (10 points)


6.  Explain what Jesus' actions cost HIM for doing this. (10 points)


7.  Make a personal application to your life from this passage (be concrete) (10 points)


8.  Make up a prayer from this Gospel (10 points)


9.  Grammar


10.  Following directions:  1.) type on a computer, 2.) 1 inch margins -12 type print 3.) date and name on a cover sheet 4.) length of paper 1 1/2 pages 5.) the Bible passage and the Prayer are to be single spaced.   The Reflection is to be doubled spaced.  Make sure you label the three sections:  Gospel reading, Reflection, Prayer (10 points)   ** Be sure to look at the example hanging in the back of the room.




Project Two



Assignment:  If there were 11 Commandments what would the 11th Commandment be?


Date Due:  TBD




1.  25% of the grade will be on following directions.  The paper is to be typed on a computer, with 1 inch margins, double spaced with 12 point font.  The length of the page is not to exceed 1 1/2 pages.  THe paper must have a cover page.


2.  25% of the grade will be on grammar and spelling.


3.  50% on content and originality.  Your 11th commandment should not fall under any of the other commandments.  Example - "Thou shall not use bad language" would fall under the third commandment.  The commandment must be well explained giving the rationale for it and what would pertain to this particular commandment.



Project Three  


Priest/Saint project - select a priest who is a saint and research that saint.  The following information should be contained in the project: where the saint was born, where he died, what order he joined or founded, his family life as a child, what struggles did he need to overcome, what were the virtues he was known for and what did he accomplish...what was his contribution to the Church. State the miracles he performed and the devotions he practiced,  Discuss how we can model our lives after this saint.  Indicate the saint's feast day.  


Pray to your saint and ask him to help you with the virtue you are working on.   Try to imitate the saint in  your own life.


A 5 minute in class presentation is expected as well as a one page paper about the saint.  Please bring in a picture of the Saint for the class presentation.




Rubric -  25% will be on the picture of the saint.  (Extra credit will be given if you choose to make a life size saint  and or a doll of your saint.)


              50% -will be on the content of your saint.  Did you answer the questions asked and provide sufficient information about your saint.


             25% - will be on the grammar, and overall neatness and creativity of the project.  You may submit the information about your saint in a book style, a poster board presentation, etc..


           [ Up to ten extra credit points will be given if you choose to dress as your saint during you presentation to the class.}


Total points available including the extra credits will be 120.




 Project Four


Scoring for Solving Moral Dilemmas




Complete:   more than ten principles (5),  five to ten principles (3), Aero to five principles (1)


Correct:  all parts of the assignment done correctly (5), part of the assignment done correctly (3),


            assignment not done correctly (1)


Work Shown:  all work shown (5), most work shown (3), some work shown (1)




Written Report


Grammar:    written portion is free of grammatical errors and is concise  (5)


                 written portion has few grammatical errors and is concise (3)


                 written report has few grammatical errors and is not concise  (3)


                 written portion has many grammatical errors and is not concise (1)




Presentation:  situation was read, group reported all of their findings, information strongly supports their


                   findings (5)


                   situation was read, group reported some of their findings, information given supports some of the findings but there are some flaws (3)


                   situation was read, group work reported some findings, information given does not support the findings (1)




Discussion:  The class was highly engaged during the presentation and a lot of class participation was    


                 evident. (5)


                The class was somewhat engaged during the presentation and there was some class participation  (3)


                The class was not engaged during the presentation and there was little or no class


discussion (1)