Theology Class Information






1.  your textbook - make sure you bring your text to class everyday

2.  a copybook/computer for note taking

3.  blue or black pen



Homework:  written homework assignments will be graded. Each  homework assignment (this does not include reading assignments) will be worth 10 points.  At the conclusion of 10 assignments this will equal a homework grade.  Assignments not turned in on time will be considered late and there will be a deduction of 2 points per day that the assignment is late. Homework is to be submitted on Google classroom unless otherwise instructed.  Homework must be received before the start of class.


Tests and quizzes:  will be given on a regular basis and students will be given advance notice to prepare for them.  If a student is absent on the day of a test/quiz the student can take the test/quiz upon their return.  


Extra Help:  If a student needs extra help, please see me to arrange a time to meet.


Class Conduct:  Students are to be respectful of one another, and focused in class.  Please see student handbook for class expectations.


Grading for the quarter will be composed of:  tests (50%),  quizzes (30%), written homework (20%).  If a project is given it will be equal to a test grade.



*The above information about homework, tests/quizzes and grading are subject to change  with notification.